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Find out the value of any residential property across 60 cities in India.

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India’s oldest and largest
repository of Real estate data

At 4 levels, over 60 Indian Cities and with years of constant updation and validation


Primary Data (Developers Supply)

Tracking of 20,000+ live projects through field surveys


Secondary Data (Resale)

Listing data of 1million properties


Registration Data

Up-to-date mapping of 5 million legal transactions



Data of all RERA registered projects

Here’s what
makes it
an easy to
use interface

We have created a machine-learning algorithm to geocode property addresses based only on address text.

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To identify the most relevant comparable from millions of the records, we have created a recommendation

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Urban Price Setting Model” is a proprietary model developed by Liases Foras over two decades

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The Banks and HFCs also consider the guideline value of the property for mortgage processing

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The predictive model integrates car parking, floor rise, preferential location charges (PLCs)

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Not just a price estimate but a professional valuation report
  • Comprehensive Valuation report- downloadable in pdf format
  • List of comparable projects from our primary and secondary data
  • Guideline Values (for Maharashtra, Telangana and Karnataka)
  • PCR – Price Correction Risk Analytics
  • Catchment Market Dynamics consisting of quarterly and annual trends of demand, supply, price, month inventory and sales velocity.

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How it

Locate your property

Locate your property by entering building name, road, or location or pointing on the map.

Fill in property details

Fill in details like type of unit, size, loading, age or possession date etc.

Choose comparable

Choose from inputs listed by machine algorithm from Liases Foras database. Added feature of relevance score makes it even easier.

Choose average price

Choose from a list of comparable properties. It may be a direct match, or an average price of top 3 or top 5.

Base price computation

A multivariate regression equation integrates the four critical parameters of Distance, Economic Density, Surroundings and Product to arrive at base price.

Final Composite value of property

Finally, DV arrives at a composite value that includes car parking charges, floor rise, age discounting, PLC etc.



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About us

Liases Foras, founded in 1998, is the only non brokerage real estate research company in India. Data and science form the core of our services, which range from providing market intelligence and risk advisory to lenders and mortgage companies, to providing development advice, best use, and valuations to developers, funds, banks and corporations.

We are proud to be a strategic partner of the highly diversified DMG Group. The group operates in 40 countries across the world and its revenue in 2014 was over USD 3 billion. DMG information handles over 95% of the United Kingdom’s valuation workflow for lenders and much more in the real estate sector. Landmark UK (a subsidiary of DMGi) identifies and translates environmental and property risks into facts, insights and opportunities.


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