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" We have established ourselves as a real estate rating agency.  The    research based scientific assessment of real estate "

Liases Foras is know for scientific studies in Real Estate Market.

Founded by Mr. Pankaj Kapoor in the year 1995, the company has given a new dimension and perspective to real estate industry.

Our first acknowledgement in the industry was for developing a very scientific research based approach for rating real estate projects. Having rated more than 60 projects, our quest for answering various mysteries and insufficiencies of real estate continued.  And we delivered more . . . . .
We created scientific rationale model for property valuation, governing market efficiencies & project efficiencies.
Developed a equation that guide the locality growth.
Defined the fundamental and assessment model theory that is required for the success of malls.
Mission Statement :
We want to be know as contributor to real estate industry.
We should live for our name, integrity and honest.
Our works and studies continue to benefit purchasers, developers and urban planners.
Quality :
To continue upgrading the standards of the deliverables and customers satisfaction.
Strength : we are the only one
To develop a very scientific approach to real estate industry.
To develop scientific techniques for property valuation.
To develop scientific models for property appraisals, helping buyers to close and differentiate best and optimum.
To carry out micro study on real estate in Mumbai in regards to measuring its size, its supply and demand, locational efficiency and demand coefficient, we surveyed and analysed each and every projects in residential commercial and retail sector.
To have the extensive data base of residential, commercial and retail real estate, customer mix and its profile of each and every zone.
Technological Advancement : We are the only company specializing in real estate to have :
Developed an integrated software for database management, analysis and output, with capabilities to provide central processing that can enable geographic expansion and organization scalability vertically and horizontally.
GIS capability: Integrated complete information base of population, population profile, Real Estate, Land Use, Development Plans…etc. with our strong data base,
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